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La Stessa Cosa (A Multi-Fandom RPG)

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In the country of Margherita, lying directly in the center, is the city of Fiori. Their motto? "The People Prosper, The City Prospers." They live by it. Most have died for it.

And indeed, the city has prospered. It's blossomed, much like the flower of its name, into one of the most alive towns in all of the country... even though its history is bloody. Struggles. War. Criminal activity.

Many people believe that those who live in Fiori are destined for great things, and they immigrate to the town in droves, hoping to pinch a penny for themselves.

What they don't know is that once they enter Fiori, they'll never be able to leave. Nor will they ever know the meaning of "security" ever again. Not while they are in control. Not while the families bicker to themselves, attempting a balance of power. Not while the crime syndicate rules.

la_stessa_cosa is a panfandom Alternate Universe role-play loosely based off of the history of organized crime. Anything that happens here is not based off of actual events/places/etc.

This role play takes place in the city of Fiori, where five families secretly fight against one another to rule at the top. Those five families are: the Rosso, with their don Axel leading; the Viola, headed by Marluxia; the Bianco, with Rufus Shinra at the top; the Giallo, fronted by the manic Larxene; and the Nero, with "The Bloody Valentine" keeping watch.

This RP opened as of July 7th, 2007. Many positions and tons of characters are still currently available. Our plot is still in its very early stages. Currently we have players from series such as Kingdom Hearts, DOGS, Final Fantasy, Batman, CSI, Sailor Moon, and more! If there's a fandom you enjoy, we'll accept characters from it--anime, tv, book, video game, you name it! The more the merrier. We hope to see you soon!
X-posted on other communities and personal journals. We apologize for any F-list flooding that may occur.
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